Book Review: ‘The Star Wars Cookbook: Han Sandwiches And Other Galactic Snacks’ by Lara Starr

Author: Lara Starr
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Photographs: Angie Cao (20 photos)
Formats available: Paperback with 2 sandwich cutters
Pages: 64 pages
Ages: 6+
Release Date: 25th September 2018


Take your sandwich game to the next level with Star Wars–shaped sandwich cutters! From sandwiches to sides and desserts, these easy-to-make, irresistible recipes feature iconic scenes from across the saga. Photographs featuring Star Wars figurines re-creating epic moments from the films provide an extra helping of humour.

The Review;

I’ve been known to dabble in the kitchen and in fairness, even my wife will admit that I do the majority of the cooking, but that’s because I enjoy it. Sometimes you get a book of themed recipes and you sit there and think twice about even thinking of making one of the recipes, but on this occasion, I will be trying these out.

There have been previous Star Wars cookbooks, but this one has something that all that have gone before does not. It comes with sandwich cutters shaped like the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca!

On opening the package, you can’t help but smile at the cutters, but then once that moment is over, there is a good looking book alongside them. On the initial flick through, my attention was grabbed by the colourful photographs throughout. I love the way Angie Cao has used Star Wars action figures and the food being made to recreate the scenes to accompany the snack.

The introduction is informative, but also explains the rules of the kitchen for a younger reader. Each recipe from Lara Starr is well written and easy to follow. The recipes range from breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and desserts items that get the mouth-watering with a Star Wars flavour. Spice Smugglers, Carbonite Cakes, Bantha Buns, Quesogreedos, Mimban Mud Pies and Millenni-Yums to name but a few of the 30 recipes in total.

This book is just so much fun! If this cookbook can encourage children to want to help in the kitchen in the preparation of meals, that can only be a good thing. I for one, will be asking my niece and nephews if they want to make Snowtrooper Toast for their breakfast when they stay over with us next.

Please remember to take care when in the kitchen and always make sure you are assisted by a responsible adult!


The Star Wars Cookbook: Han Sandwiches And Other Galactic Snacks’ by Lara Starr was released on 25th September 2018. It retails at £19.99 and is available from Amazon, book stores online and on your high street.


The Star Wars Cookbook: Han Sandwiches and Other Galactic Snacks by Lara Starr, photography by Angie Cao (Chronicle Books, £19.99)

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