USA TODAY Posts Exclusive Excerpt From Star Wars: Resistance Reborn Novel

USA TODAY has posted an exclusive excerpt from author Rebecca Roanhorse’s upcoming novel Star Wars: Resistance Reborn, a prequel title to the theatrical events of The Rise of Skywalker. The novel which is part of Lucasfilm’s extensive “Journey to The Rise of Skywalker” publishing program is scheduled to be released in Hardcover, Ebook, and Audiobook formats on November 5 and can be pre-ordered here.

This marks the fourth excerpt released from Roanhorse’s new Star Wars novel. If you happened to miss out on the previous Resistance Reborn excerpts, take each respective link below before/after checking out USA TODAY’s latest preview.

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Third Excerpt with New Cover

USA TODAY has an exclusive excerpt from “Resistance Reborn,” featuring a pivotal scene that tests loyalties and leadership. “Not everyone sees eye-to-eye on how best to rebuild the Resistance or who should lead, going forward,” Roanhorse says. “And at this stage, the Resistance is decimated. They need ships and supplies, yes, but mostly then need people, and even more, they need leaders.”

Poe is also still haunted by the fallout from his quasi-mutiny against Vice Admiral Holdo in “Last Jedi,” where his arrogance turned into subordination, which led to good people getting killed. At the beginning of the new book, “Poe’s confidence in his ability to lead and his own decision-making is in crisis,” Roanhorse says. “He’s going to have to learn to trust his judgment again and come to term with the consequences of his actions. He also has to earn back the respect of those that he is asking to follow him. It’s not an easy path back to leadership for Poe.”