Timothy Zahn Chats About Thrawn: Treason With StarWars.com

With his new book Thrawn: Treason available now in stores, author Timothy Zahn recently sat down with StarWars.com to chat about the events that play out in the third book of the Thrawn trilogy. Check out the intro to the interview copied below and then take the supplied source link for the rest of the article.

In addition to the regular newsstand edition of the novel, fans also had the opportunity to purchase a convention exclusive edition of Thrawn: Treason at San Diego Comic-Con last week.

Gather up the greatest military commanders of all time, add in a healthy dose of Sherlock Holmes-style observation and inquisitive investigation, and a pinch of author Timothy Zahn’s personal experience playing chess, and you start to get an idea of how he constructed the brilliant mind of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Only this time, Zahn, whose latest book Thrawn: Treason hits shelves today, is essentially playing against himself. “I’m playing both sides of the chess board,” he tells StarWars.com. “I don’t want stupid villains or stupid heroes. That’s boring. I want both sides to be smart within their own parameters, within the range of what they know, and so it’s a matter of both sides are clever. I usually go in knowing which side is going to win and I work it that direction.”