This Weeks Publications – 10th December 2018

Welcome to this week’s publications breakdown.

A graphic novel and 3 new Marvel Comics with 9 variants, happy hunting!

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Wednesday 12th December 2018

Age of Republic: Darth Maul #1
A living weapon of rage and bloodthirst, Darth Maul has stayed in the shadows of Coruscant waiting for his chance to strike against the Jedi Order! However, since tasting his first blood, the Sith lord struggles to contain his desire for destruction and questions the wishes of his methodically plotting master. Could Maul have had another path in life, or was he always fated to follow a dark road?
Cover variants: Paolo Rivera, Movie, Luke Ross & Nolan Woodard, Iain McCaig, Guru-eFX & Mike McKone
Doctor Aphra #27
WORST AMONG EQUALS: PART TWO!Rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra has ten hours to cross a hostile megacity before the bomb implanted in her throat blows up. No big deal, right? And even if there are, say, insane cops and bounty hunters on her tail—she’s got a partner to help her!
Cover variants: Ashley Witter, Rod Reis (Galactic Icons Artoo-Detoo)
Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #2
After spending a night in the brig, HAN SOLO is given one last shot at flight school… Will Han be top gun, or will he crash and burn? Crash and burn if one of his top competitors gets his way! This mysterious rival is ripped from the pages of CLASSIC STAR WARS COMICS!
Cover variants: David Nakayama, Marcos Martin
Thursday 13th December 2018
Star Wars: Volume 9 – Hope Dies
A New Hope led here. A secret rebel base. A secret rebel fleet. The chance of victory… And now, Darth Vader has found it. There is no escape. When did the Empire first strike back? Here. And it struck here hardest.
Collecting: Star Wars #50-#55 & ANNUAL #4

You will be able to find these on sale from your usual high street book stores, news-stands and online retailers.