This Weeks Publications – 9th July 2018

Did you manage to get all the variants from Star Wars #50? I think you’ll agree, all the covers were amazing!

This week, we have a fairly busy week, but far less variants to hunt for. It’s the end of the Thrawn novel adaptation and the start of a new Darth Vader story arc. But, don’t forget to brush up on your Shakespeare ready for the latest act; ‘Jedi the Last’.

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Tuesday 10th July 2018

  The Empire Strikes Back Cinestory Comic by Landry Walker
(Joe Books [import])
Joe Books introduces this thrilling and iconic film to the next generation of fans in this captivating graphic novel of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, built from the final script and high-resolution images from the movie.
  William Shakespeare’s Jedi The Last by Ian Doescher
(Quirk Books)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, reimagined as a Shakespeare play, complete with Elizabethan verse, Shakespearian monologues, theatrical stage directions, and woodcut-style illustrations!

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Thrawn #6
(Marvel Comics)
Part 6 of 6: The rise of the Grand Admiral reaches its climax!
Thrawn at last meets his greatest enemy face-to-face!
Will Pryce’s final gambit to save her family succeed?
And what role will Eli Vanto play in Thrawn’s ultimate plan?
Cover Variants: Luke Ross
Darth Vader #18
(Marvel Comics)
Dark Lord of the Sith 18: Bad Ground (Part 1)
It is time for Grand Moff Tarkin to repay a long-standing debt to Darth Vader…and settling what is owed will require every last bit of his cunning, and will cost more than he ever imagined.
Cover Variants: Rod Reis Galactice Icon (Darth Vader)
Doctor Aphra Volume 3: Remastered
(Marvel Comics – Collect Issues #15 to #20)
Aphra is used to being in way over her head – but this time she’s not alone! Who else is caught up in her latest misadventure? Let’s hope they’re friendly…otherwise Aphra may have finally bitten off more than she can chew!

You will be able to find these on sale from your usual high street book stores, news-stands and online retailers.