This Weeks Publications – 8th April 2019

Welcome to this week’s publications breakdown.

A busy week to start the second quarter of 2019. The Marvel Comics Age of Rebellion kicks off with a double header and look out for 2 excellent releases from Chronicle Books. Also a very nice looking box set of Tales From Vader’s Castle is out.

If you’re off to Celebration in Chicago, have a blast and send us your pics via our social media channels of you with your literature puchases and signings!

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Tuesday 9th April 2019

  Leia Organa: Rebel Leader Box
(Chronicle Books)
Leia Organa is one of the STAR WARS galaxy’s fiercest rebels and greatest heroes a powerful leader, a force against galactic evil, and never to be underestimated.
This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Leia Organa statue comes with a display stand and a 48-page illustrated booklet featuring an illuminating history of Leia’s role in the STAR WARS saga, insights on Carrie Fisher’s portrayal, and a celebration of the inspiration and symbol of strength the character has become for fans everywhere.
  Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy 100 Postcards
(Chronicle Books)
Featuring Leia Organa, Rey, Phasma, and dozens of other characters from across the galaxy of films, books, comics, animation, and games, these dynamically illustrated cards celebrate the fascinating female characters of Star Wars— perfect to keep or send and share.

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Age of Rebellion: Princess Leia #1
With HAN SOLO frozen in carbonite in the palace of JABBA THE HUTT, PRINCESS LEIA prepares for a daring rescue by taking on the identity of the bounty hunter BOUSHH. But in order to succeed, she’ll have to prove herself in her new identity to the ruthless bounty hunter BOSSK! With her life and all of her principles on the line, how far will Leia go to rescue a scoundrel? Co-starring CHEWBACCA and LANDO, who almost certainly have a bad feeling about this!
Cover variants: A – Terry & Rachel Dodson; B – Concept; C – McKone/Guru-eFX Puzzle; D – Camuncoli/Bonetti
Age of Rebellion: Grand Moff Tarkin #1
The EMPIRE has built the deadliest weapon the galaxy has ever seen. But even the most ruthless Imperial officer might hesitate before unleashing the DEATH STAR’s power to kill millions in an instant. Behold the secret story of GRAND MOFF TARKIN, the horrors that honed his resolve and the terrifying steps he takes to ensure that the Death Star lives up to its deadly name!
Cover variants: A – Terry & Rachel Dodson; B – Concept; C – McKone/Guru-eFX Puzzle
Star Wars Vol. 10: The Escape TPB
The rebels are reeling and on the run. Scattered. Scared. Hope is dead. Darth Vader tightens his grip, mercilessly hunting the scattered band down with his most dangerous servants. They will not escape him this time. But for Luke, Leia, Han and the rest of the Alliance, the fight against the evil Galactic Empire continues. The heroes will need to turn to allies both old and new if they hope to ever turn the tide and save the Rebellion in its darkest hour.
Collecting: Star Wars 56-61
Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader’s Castle Box Set
(IDW Publishing)
Collecting all five issues of the popular event series! If you missed “Vader’s Castle” before, here’s your chance to read all the spooky tales from a galaxy far, far away… This set features the original covers by award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla without logos, plus a very special sketch variant of #1—perfect for conventions or in-store signings!

You will be able to find these on sale from your usual high street book stores, news-stands and online retailers.