This Weeks Publications – 5th November 2018

Welcome to this week’s publications breakdown.

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Monday 5th November 2019

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner’s Workshop Manual – Modified YT-1300 by Ryder Windham, Chris Trevas, Chris Reiff
(Del Rey / Haynes)
This is a Haynes Manual based on the YT-1300 Corellian Freighter, the best-known variant of which is the Millennium Falcon. Using brand-new illustrations, together with other art and photographs, this manual provides the most thorough technical description of the YT-1300 available.

Wednesday 7th November 2019

Star Wars #56
The Escape – Part 1: After the disaster of “Hope Dies”, our heroes are on the run. Can they escape the patrols? No. They’re trapped on a distant world. Where have they been abandoned? How can they possibly survive?Cover Variants:
Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1
Part 1: Han Solo escapes Corellia by joining the Imperial Navy, vowing to return for Qi’Ra. But how does a thief used to the chaos of the streets adjust to the order and discipline of the military? Not well! Han’s dream of becoming a pilot is quickly grounded as he realizes he may not even survive basic training!
Cover Variants:
Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #1
(IDW Publishing [import])
Part 1 of 3: Swallowed by the shifting sands of Jakku, the Imperial Star Destroyer Spectral has been lost for two decades, giving rise to rumours of hauntings and buried treasure. But an epic sandstorm has revealed the ruins of the starship, and renowned scavenger Rey now leads the race to claim whatever lies within!
Cover Variants:
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
From the ashes of the Empire has arisen another threat to the galaxy’s freedom: The First Order. Fortunately, new heroes have emerged to take up arms for the cause. But Supreme Leader Snoke and his enforcer Kylo Ren have the superior numbers and a greater firepower at their command. Against this enemy, the champions of light may finally be facing their extinction.
Collects Star Wars: The Last Jedi #1 to #6.
Lando: Double or Nothing
Before his days in the Rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, even before he lost the Millennium Falcon, comes this tale of Lando’s adventures and misadventures in search of love and money – leading right up to his appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story!
Collects Lando: Double or Nothing #1 to #5.

You will be able to find these on sale from your usual high street book stores, news-stands and online retailers.

Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.