The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Green Lit with All Stretch Goals

First revealed one month ago, Blue Milk’s Kickstarter book project Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition campaign ended last night at 11:38pm EDT. The campaign was a huge success ending with a total of $231,249 based on a $50,000 goal, and with 1,888 backers. Having exceeded their final Tier 2 goal of $200,000 all backers will get all of the following: –

  • A chapter with comprehensive entries for Hasbro’s Vintage Original Trilogy Collection (VOTC) and Vintage The Saga Collection (VTSC) action figures.
  • A visual quick-reference, chronological timeline of The Vintage Collection action figures organized by release date / wave.
  • Special three-panel, fold-out entries for the Millennium Falcon and Jabba’s Sail Barge vehicles.
  • Appendix with a card back matrix of all variants of U.S. The Vintage Collection action figure packaging such as foil logos, offer stickers, reverse-side artwork, etc.
  • Guide to all Hasbro The Vintage Collection promotional materials and giveaways including inserts, card backs, posters and more.
  • A chapter covering concepts, unrealized ideas and unproduced items that were discussed or considered to continue the TVC line beyond its hiatus in 2012.
  • A folio containing all of the full spread-width chapter break photographs individually printed on premium 8 x10-inch paper, free of the chapter titles and overlay text. There are currently a minimum of eight (8) chapter break photo spreads earmarked for the book.
  • Former Kenner photographer Kim Simmons will recreate his reverse-side masterpiece from the 1984 Star Wars is Forever mail-away poster using The Vintage Collection action figures and vehicles. The 18×22-inch poster comes folded in a mailer envelope, like the original.
  • A three (3) coin set featuring the Slave I, Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba’s Sail Barge. Not only do these coins tell the story of Han Solo’s journey from The Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi, but the Slave I, Jabba, and Jabba’s Barge have never had their own coins in either Kenner’s Power of the Force or Hasbro’s 30th Anniversary lines. They’ll fit in perfectly with your existing coin collection.
  • All book backers will receive a digital version of Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition as a companion to their print edition.Congratulations to all those involved including Derryl DePriest, Rich Alot and D Martin Myatt. We are all looking forward to December 2019 for delivery of the book (and the arrival of the final Skywalker film).

Additionally, a three (3) variant gold-colored coin set featuring the Slave I, Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba’s Sail Barge will be sent to backers with an international shipping address and all Ultimate Backers (and up).

Congratulations to the team at Blue Milk, including Derryl DePriest, Rich Alot & D Martin Myatt, for bringing this campaign to us. We look forward to December 2019 and receiving the book.