The Bearded Trio Book Review: Star Wars FAQ

Via our great pals over at the ever-awesome The Bearded Trio here’s Lisa Dullard’s review of Star Wars FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Trilogy That Changed the Movies by Mark Clark.

If you are any sort of Star Wars fan, Star Wars FAQ was written for you. Long-time fans (such as myself) will appreciate the history, trivia, and anecdotes presented — regardless if they feel familiar or not — and the newer generation of fans will find a treasure trove of all things related to that galaxy far, far away.
After an introduction explaining the purpose and design behind the book, Star Wars FAQ offers a brief history of Hollywood and how Star Wars forever changed the landscape. It then movies into a biography of George Lucas and moves through highlights of his early film work. It is interesting to see how everything led up to Lucas creating Star Wars. His influences — from the movies he watched to the books he read — are essential. There is an entire chapter devoted to expounding upon those influences and the role they played in developing the fantastic world we hold dear.

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