10 Memorable Marvel Comic Moments (So Far!) has revelaed it’s “10 of the most memorable Marvel Star Wars moments (So far)”.

Ever since Marvel relaunched the line of Star Wars comics three years ago, fans have been treated to plenty of new and exciting ongoing and limited series, and a handful of fun one-shots — enough to keep any Star Wars fan busy!

There’s been something for everyone, whether you want to read about a young Maul testing his skills against a Jedi Padawan or join Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron as they go up against the First Order. These are stories that have made us gasp with surprise, laugh hysterically, shriek with glee, and even shed a few tears… sometimes all within the same issue.

With so many fantastic and varied stories to choose from, we’re highlighting some of our favorite moments in Marvel’s Star Wars comics so far.

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Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.