Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual Sneak Peak

SYFY Wire have posted a sneak peak of the Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual penned by Cavan Scott. Cavan revealed the special preview via his website.

SYFY Wire has posted a special sneak peek of the first few pages of this year’s Star Wars Adventures Annual, featuring Cavan’s new Lando and Jaxxon story, with art by Mauricet and a stunning Stan Sakai cover (see right).

In the preview, Cavan talks to Jeff Spry, giving a commentary to the first five pages of this feature-length story, which goes by the title of A Hare-Brained Heist.

The annual teams Lando Calrissian up with infamous (for all the wrong reasons) smuggler, Jaxxon the Lepi, the classic Star Wars comic character that Cavan and Mauricet brought back to a galaxy far, far away in 2018 after a 40-year-absence.

More Jaxxon I hear you cry… you bet and he’s back on the shelves in September!