‘Star Wars’ Magazines Reference Guide Website Updated

Bob has sent us an email informing us that the Star Wars Vintage Magazines website has just been updated with a new improved presentation.

The purpose of this website, designed with the kind help of my friend Vincent, is not to sell, to advertise, nor to promote any merchandise.

It is a visual catalog of magazines whose content is related in anyway to the original Star Wars trilogy.

Most of these magazines were issued between 1976 and 1984, but also in the years 1987 (Star Wars 10th Anniversary), 1997 (Star Wars 20th Anniversary and Trilogy Special Edition), and 2004 (DVD release of the original trilogy).

The main core of this collection is made out American and British magazines ; but you will also find a selection of French, Canadian, Australian and Japanese magazines.

There are currently near 900 references and this list is regularly updated.

The website offers a very comprehensive guide to any magazines with a Star Wars article and covers a wide selection of titles ranging from Adastra (Britain’s Premier Sci-Fact Sci-Fi Magazine!) to Young Ambassador.

SOURCEThe Star Wars Magazines Reference Guide
Adam Lamping
Adam launched Jedi News in 2007 along with James Burns, and together swiftly built the site into the UK's number one Star Wars destination. He stepped away from Jedi News in 2011 to become a contributor at Rebelscum.