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Following our report a couple of days ago, Kristen from Titan has sent through some excerpts and images from the Star Wars Insider Special Edition.

Interview with Mark Hamill

on being Luke Skywalker:

“I would have much rather played the robot [C-3PO] or Han Solo than Luke! Luke is the bland audience surrogate—he’s not extraordinarily talented or physically imposing. That’s the whole point. It’s to appeal to that 10-year-old who’ll go, “Oh I could do that!” It’s almost like the way Robin was added to Batman, to make it more accessible to the target audience. When I went for the screen test, I felt for sure that Han Solo was the lead character, like Buck Rogers, and I was the sidekick kid. It can’t be the other way around—why would the kid be the protagonist? Even the marketing people couldn’t live with it. You see Luke on the posters and they decided to give him this massive chest. It’s not me. Finally, after it was hugely popular, then they got comfortable enough to make a poster where Luke looked like me. Isn’t that funny? It had to make $60 million before I finally got the part!”

On Sir Alec Guinness:

“He was the one that took me out to lunch and got me over being so tongue-tied. He wouldn’t let me call him Sir Alec. He said (in Alec Guinness voice), “I want to be known by my name, not my accolades.” I said, “Well, what do you want me to call you? Big Al?!” When I relaxed I could use my humor, which is sort of irreverent. All I wanted to talk about was The Ladykillers, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man in the White Suit… “No, I want to hear about your career,” he said. I replied: “What do you want to hear about first? The soap opera or the dog food commercial?” I had much more work than that, but that was my way of making the point that [the extent of] my career was just ridiculous compared to his.”

Rarely seen Revenge of the Sith interviews

Star Wars Insider: What kind of pressure did you feel when you embarked on Revenge of the Sith, given the level of expectation?

George Lucas: Ultimately I had to push that all out of my life and just say, “I’m going to continue to make the movies that I started out to make.” Fortunately, the whole thing was written and established, before Star Wars was successful.

You have to remember, Star Wars was intended to be one movie: Episode IV, a Saturday matinee serial. You never saw what came before and you never saw what came after. It was designed to be the tragedy of Darth Vader, which starts with Darth Vader coming through the door and throwing everybody around. Halfway through the story you realize he is actually a man and that the hero is his son. In the end the villain turns into the hero because he is inspired by his son.

Star Wars Insider: What inspired the character of Palpatine?

Ian McDiarmid: I just play a straight forward politician—now there’s a contradiction in terms! He’s charming, smiling, out for the good of the universe, and its community. But underneath there lurks a monster, so it was very easy to build the character; I just looked in the newspapers!

Star Wars Insider: How did the cast and crew react to you when you put on the Darth Vader suit?

Hayden Christensen: That was what was brilliant: getting to put it all on and experiencing the sensation of being Vader! Watching everyone take it in for the first time was what was really cool. People that I had befriended and spent a lot of time with, who knew I was in the costume, would see me and, though there was excitement and a certain awe, were also fearful and respectful of me!

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