Star Wars Insider Issue 72 Out Tomorrow

The new issue of Star Wars Insider is out tomorrow.  It’s an Imperial focused issue as well as featuring pictures and news from Celebration Europe too.  Grab your copy at all good newsagents tomorrow.

Along with a report from Celebration Europe and other essential Star Wars news, we go straight to the source for information about future projects. Forget the Internet rumours, producer Rick McCallum gives us the lowdown on the Star Wars TV series, the 3-D version of A New Hope and the new George Lucas project Red Tails.

A long time ago a sci-fi legend was born.  And, more recently, Star Wars Insider was created in its honour.  From the first film to all of Star Wars’ modern guises, Star Wars Insider is the ultimate old-school fan resource: as vital to all true fans as the Mos Eisley Cantina is to all the scum and villainy of the Galaxy.

Get the inside knowledge of all things Imperial in this special issue. We look closely not at the dark side as a whole, but rather the underlings and functionaries without whom the Empire wouldn’t function. Everything kicks off with a bang – a Q&A with six of the actors you most closely associate with the Empire!