Star Wars Insider Issue #126 – Now With The Correct Image!

I recieved an email yesterday from Star Wars Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins informing me that I’d posted an incorrect cover image for our piece last week on the Star Wars Insider Issue #126. Apologies, here’s the correct image and to rectify the error here are the details again from the latest issue, available from Titan Magazines:

  • “Christian Taylor” – The head writer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars discusses the art of storytelling.
  • “Kevin Kiner” – The composer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on why music matters, and the perils of disco!
  • “Daniel Erickson” – The lead writer of Star Wars: The Old Republic on what to expect from the most epic Star Wars game yet!
  • “Fiction” – Timothy Zahn’s exclusive tale of Lando Calrissian, an AT-AT, and a daring mission!
  • “Rick Baker” – The Oscar winning makeup maestro recalls his time populating the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Don’t delay, get your copy now.