Star Wars Insider 2015 Special Edition

It lands 11th November and it’s packed as always with reviews, insight and some classic moments from the last 12 months of Star Wars Insider.

Check out this special for some great articles:

  • Red 5 with Ashley Eckstein
  • A look at the making of the original Marvel Star Wars comic
  • Interrogation Droid with Sam Witwer
  • A look at the making of the classic game Knights of the Old Republic
  • An interview with Empire actor Milton Johns
  • Doug Chiang and Ian McCaig on the art of design

And I’m fortunate to have a handful of articles in the 2015 special:

  • My Star Wars with David Collins
  • Acting Materclass with Warwick Davis
  • Prequel Love: The 50 greatest reasons to love the Prequels
  • Inside Jabba’s Palace: The actors behind the creatures of Jabba’s Palace speak
  • A New Hope: The cast of the film look back at the classic movie
  • Return to Endor: The stars of the Ewok Adventure celebrate 30 years of Ewok action!

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