Star Wars Insider #108 Update


Ricky from Titan Magazines has been in touch with more details on Star Wars Insider #108 which is due to go on sale on March 17.

Insider returns with another action-packed issue that no Star Wars fan can afford to miss, featuring an interview with the popular actor under Darth Vader’s iconic suit, David Prowse. We bring you revealing interviews with the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, talk to the actress who played Jabba’s favorite dancer, explore Star Wars body art, and much more!

Insider brings you all the latest from the Star Wars universe, including news of the arrival of The Clone Wars on DVD, the Battlefront mobile video game, and another Lucas making a mark on Star Wars!


Insider‘s coverage of Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues in the latest issue as we interview the actors behind the new duo on the list of the Star Wars saga’s memorable double acts. Following the likes of Luke and Leia, Han and Chewie, and R2-D2 and C-3PO, Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein reveal all about taking on the Separatists as the lightsaber-wielding Anakin and Ahsoka!


Actor David Prowse hasn¹t looked back since striding aboard the Tantive IV and capturing audiences’ imaginations as the sinister Darth Vader back in 1977. In the latest issue of Insider, he looks back on his Vader experience, and reveals all about his imposing physical performance:
“One of the things I did at the beginning was establish the walk, and then everything else fell into place. I decided how I wanted to make everybody subservient apart from Grand Moff Tarkin. It got to the point where I adopted a quick, purposeful stride, meaning everybody had to trot quickly alongside me to catch up!”

Meet the Star Wars fan who has a vintage droid on his foot, Darth Vader on his arm, and a full-blown multi-artist tribute to The Empire Strikes Back etched permanently on his leg. Shane Turgeon is so passionate about Star Wars body art that he has published a book dedicated to the subject, full of stunning images, collectors’ stories and artist profiles. Find out all about his ambitious project in the latest issue of Insider. Signed copies of the book are available from

Femi Taylor would not have suspected that her performance as Oola, Jabba the Hutt’s ill-fated dancing girl, would still be discussed today. The British actress and dancer looks back on the grueling experience of playing the green goddess in the latest issue of Insider: “Dancing around in the slave collar was very hard, because I was attached by a long leash to a full-sized Jabba. A couple of times I nearly got strangled by jumping! The tentacles on my head were even more difficult than the leash and slave collar. They were very heavy to wear as I was dancing. I managed, but it wasn’t easy!”

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