‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Rose & Paige

In the fifth and final part of this series, Kristin Baver sits down with the creative team behind the new Forces of Destiny comics from IDW.

Author Delilah S. Dawson and illustrator Nicoletta Baldari, the duo behind Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Rose & Paige (available now), conversed with StarWars.com about creating canon critters with impeccable beards, falling in love with “murderbears,” and why the Tico sisters are emblematic of the very core of the Resistance and its future.

StarWars.com: Delilah, you’ve gotten the chance to pen not one but two Tico sister stories for IDW, including a tale in Star Wars Adventures #6, which also just came out this month. The Ticos haven’t yet appeared in the Forces of Destiny animated micro-series and in The Last Jedi we didn’t get to see them interact on screen. What was it like stepping in to fill in some of their backstory knowing what was in their future?

Delilah S. Dawson: It was a unique process that involved keeping oodles of secrets. I read the script for The Last Jedi in November 2016 (so I could write Star Wars: Phasma), which means I knew what happened to Paige and how Rose took on a starring role. In order to write the comics, I also needed to read an early draft of Cobalt Squadron by Elizabeth Wein and Phil Noto so that I had some context for Paige’s personality and speech patterns. For a little while there, I was one of the only people in the world who knew the story of the Tico sisters! And when I saw Paige onscreen, I was completely gut punched, in part because I knew her character so well already. It was an honor to write about Rose and Paige. To me, they’re the heart of what the Resistance means: ordinary people willing to make sacrifices in the hopes that other people and planets won’t have to suffer.

Read the full interview here. Throughout January, Kristin spoke with the creative teams behind each of the five Forces of Destiny comics.

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