In the second part of this five part series, Kristin Baver over at the official site sits down with the creative team behind the new Forces of Destiny comics from IDW. It’s time to go back to Jakku and see how Rey’s story connects up several threads for the character….

Jody Houser: Part of the goal of the comic series was to connect to the animated shorts, and I loved the friendship that Rey and BB-8 develop over the short time they were together. I thought it was a lot of fun to explore that relationship, as well as delving into more of Rey the Scavenger, as it informs so much of the hero she becomes. The Forces of Destiny animated series is about small acts of kindness and bravery, but I love that part of your story is looking at some of those quieter moments in Rey’s friendship with BB-8. We see them working together, and we see her really start to feel a little less alone probably for the first time. What did you find challenging about finding the thread that would connect the film and two of the Rey-centered animated shorts?

Jody Houser: I think the short time span (less than a day) that these events cover can be a bit of a challenge, but to me, that’s also part of what makes this story so much fun to tell. Rey’s life has been one of quiet and routine and solitude, and now she has a reluctant friendship and multiple adventures that hit her straight on. It’s a nice prologue to what lies ahead for her.

Arianna Florean: I have to give the credit to Jody’s script, which has inserted these “extra” moments in the story between Rey and BB-8 in an absolutely harmonious way.

Read the full interview here. Throughout January, Kristin will be back to sit down with the forces behind each of the comics for a behind-the-scenes look.