IDW focus on Leia’s resilience and her unbreakable nature in the first of five Forces of Destiny comics focusing on the female characters of Star Wars. Krtstin Baver over at the official site gets to sit down with the creative team behind the critically acclaimed new comic to discuss Hoth, Tauntauns and their love for Leia. How would you describe this mini adventure in your own words? What made you decide to tackle this particular point in time in Leia’s life, when the rebels are based on Hoth?

Pierrick Colinet: “The greatest teacher, failure is.” Okay, not my own words, but you get the idea. When IDW told us the story had to be on Hoth, I went back to the Empire Strikes Back script. The first line of the opening crawl, “It is a dark time for the Rebellion”, basically told us what themes we had to develop. How the Rebellion was able to rebuild after huge losses, how they have each other, but mostly, what inspires them. That makes Leia an incredible leader, her ability to inspire hope. It’s a story about courage, friendship, and being stronger together.

Pierrick Colinet: Our idea was to focus this book on Leia’s resilience. Leia is unbreakable. Despite every possible horrible thing thrown her way, the obstacles, the challenges, she keeps going and never loses sight of the goal. But she is human and has doubts like all of us. What makes her unique is her ability to use those doubts to push through and her failures to move forward.

Read the full interview here. Throughout January, Kristin will be back to sit down with the forces behind each of the comics for a behind-the-scenes look.