The Setnin sectors most prominent and successful smuggler and free trader, child of Narn Giapa and Sieera Cetting Lomona. The youngest of three brothers, Lomona had a strict upbringing on the Imperial loyal world of A-desando. As a child he built swoops and was a Souper Swooper, and along with his childhood Trandoshan friend Treesk he built a handful of race winning swoops for their own Wezzwen race team.

After the premature death of his older brother Luude and his eldest brother Hijjins move into the A-desandian military, Jan left home age sixteen in his first starship the Trooper, soon finding work in the employment of Jabba the Hutt and Glann Cipple.

Carving out a name for himself in the Trooper, the Crusader and later his beloved Berone Sunrise, Lomona became a prominent name in the Setnin underworld, managing to keep ahead of his major adversary, Dressels prime smuggler Petrol Merritch.

Always with his droids Troopie and Aurran by his side his reputation grew. Jan became engaged to his childhood sweetheart Frans Latka and was tracked down by Paige Retgarr, the fourteen year old daughter he never knew he had at the same time he first met Terrie Saffra, an employee of Cipple who would leave a lasting mark on him.

Returning home to A-desando to take up a brief tenure as governor of Ecaps City, Jan and Goah Galletti unwisely double-crossed Jabba the Hutt, forcing them to leave the Setnin sector for an extended period of six months, returning just prior to the Hutts death.

After attending the wedding of Paige to his best friend Ryath Centaur he was lost and believed dead when Ryaths ship the Thunderchild exploded in hyperspace and he was flung in an escape pod to the other side of the galaxy, deliberately taking a decade to work his way back.

He returned to become a major trading operator with the Trac-Tran Transit Company and through the Ki-Ki invasion helped repel Ki-Ki forces with Terrie Saffra, now a commander in Squadron Indigo, by his side.

Having used various aliases including that of the unfortunate Joel St John, able to get by in nine languages, owner of the Ghtroc Freighter the Dangerous Curve and ex-manager of the Heavy Jizz Wailer band The Berones, Lomona was an influential figure during the Ki-Ki/Setnin War and despite his new responsibilities continued to free trade through the stars.

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  • The Cage of Moons
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  • The Tale of the Westside
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  • Error on Entall
  • Escapade on Entall
  • Dead Shot
  • Ferrerean Warriors
  • Trouble on Tantum V
  • What Lies Within
  • Body of Evidence
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  • Reports from the Edge
  • The Tantalum Connection
  • The Zelon Factor
  • Diary of Galante
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  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • Regal Files
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  • A Very Angry Man
  • Apocalypse on Ruuthorne
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  • Taking the Hit
  • Chancai Whispers
  • Challenge of the Stars
  • The Fall of Glann Cipple
  • Wrong Side of Hell
  • The Main Attraction
  • Resurrection of the Howlrunners
  • Chatroot and the Howlrunners
  • The Long Forgotten Way
  • This is the Setnin Sector
  • The Hyphen
  • Walking Through the Past
  • The Enemy of My Enemy
  • When Push Comes to Shove
  • The Meeting
  • Chancai Falls
  • Tactical Withdrawal
  • Always a Price
  • RPG
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