Alongside Anzai Karoo, Dessio D’Staan, Riger and Glann Cipple, Dressel ran a successful operation until sixteen years before the destruction of the first Death Star.

However, various events led to the demise of the group partnership; D’Staan left with his family with all the details of the runs to the Core, Riger disappeared under mysterious circumstances and after an altercation Dressel and Cipple went their separate ways, Cipple to build his empire out of Amagad and Dressel from Cawbate.

Dressel went it alone and built the major competitor to Cipples stranglehold in the Setnin sector, using the talented smugglers Petrol Merritch, Sull Dinn and Velka Mararr and sometimes utilising the talents of Jan Lomona.

For a while Dressel teamed up with Mister Spyte in a partnership known as the Talismen but this was short-lived.

Ensconced in the Duet, his Catamaran-style Sailbarge, Dressel ran a tight operation.

Smooth, slick but above all devious and brilliant, Dressel continued to be a major figure in the underworld for many years, taking the prominent position following Cipples escape from Setnin after the Heed debacle.

Seven years later when Cipple attempted an invasion of Setnin alongside Zobian Pirates and Arcc Nedeen, Dressel was wise enough to give aide and work with fellow gangleaders to repel the threat.

Dressel met his death at the hands of Riger, who had spent years planning his revenge under the guise of the bounty hunter Queed. Dressel was pushed off the same cliff in Old Veshat Town on Trefnare that he had pushed Riger off many years before.

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