Riz Ahmed Chats Rogue One With Gentleman’s Journal

Riz Ahmed graces the new Gentleman’s Journal cover and chats about his character Bodhi Rook and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™.


“His planet has been invaded and he knows what is it like to live under occupation and collaborate with the occupiers just to make a living.”

“Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy are incredible. They understand that Star Wars is a franchise that has the ability to shape culture. They are also brave enough to try to lead the way.”

“It’s quite resonant with the world we live in. Rogue One is about waking up to the real political situation of your time and accepting you can’t sleepwalk into the future because there won’t be one.”

Take the source link to read more about his life, career and Rogue One or pick up the magazine which is out on newsstands today.

SOURCEGentleman's Journal
Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a ship in the North Sea he likes to travel to as many Star Wars (and LOST) events and locations as possible. He's often found roaming convention floors cosplaying as Bad Robot.