Report: Character Details, Luke’s Love Interest From ‘The Last Jedi’ Novelization

As we know, the official novelization for The Last Jedi is scheduled to land on March 6. The novel, which features the same artwork on its cover that was used on the teaser poster for the film revealed during Celebration Orlando, is being penned by bestselling author Jason Fry and will feature exclusive scenes that were not present in director Rian Johnson’s theatrical release.

It appears that an advanced copy of the Episode VIII novelization has been poured over and information contained within the pages of the novel have hit the interwebs. According to Dork Side of the Force, the novel starts out with a very significant sentence that applies directly to Luke Skywalker and will surely cause readers to sit up suddenly in their chair. The same site also has a collection of character details revealed in the novel that pertain to the main cast of the film.

Proceed ahead with the links provided above at your own discretion as the rest of us wait for March 6 to arrive.