Official Site: ‘Star Wars’ In The UK: Flipping Through 1978’s ‘Star Wars’ Weekly #12

My look back at the first dozen issues of Star Wars Weekly over at the Official Site comes to an end with a nostalgic trawl through issue 12.

Two years of stepping back to 1978, our tour of the first dozen issues of Star Wars Weekly comes to an end as we take a look at issue 12. Hitting UK newsagents on Wednesday April 26th 1978, the cover screamed that we were about to experience the “SOUL-SHATTERING CLIMAX OF THE YEAR’S MOST SENSATIONAL MOVIE.” Behind a Howard Bender cover showing Luke and Vader clashing, both brandishing red lightsabres (and I spell it that way intentionally, as that’s how it was presented in the magazine back in ’78), we see a red X-wing hunt down Vader’s yellow TIE fighter over a blue Death Star. It was still 10p to buy, still packed full of great back-up strips and increasingly essential for kids of the day to own.