Official Site: Greg Rucka Talks ‘Guardians Of The Whills’

Over at the official site, James Floyd caught up with Guardians of the Whills author Greg Rucka to talk Chirrut, Baze and the era of Rogue One.

While Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus may be relative newcomers to the story of Star Wars, they’re connected to one of the oldest bits of lore about Star Wars: the Whills, as first mentioned in the title of one of George Lucas’ earliest versions of the story that would eventually become Star Wars. They’ve also easily cemented their place in the Star Wars pantheon as the textbook example for a bromance, a friendship so solid and deep that it is closer than family. And now Chirrut and Baze are the stars of their own adventure in Guardians of the Whills, a novel by Greg Rucka, published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press, released earlier this month. chatted with Rucka by e-mail to get the inside scoop on this pair of Guardians of the galaxy far, far away.

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