Official Site: Chuck Wendig Talks Aftermath: Life Debt

Over at James Floyd sits down with author Chuck Wendig to discuss the second chapter in the Aftermath cycle, Life Debt.

Last fall, Star Wars fans got their first taste of the continuity timeline starting to connect Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens with the release of the novel, Aftermath, by Chuck Wendig. Readers learned that while the Battle of Endor saw the death of the Emperor, the Empire continued to fight on, albeit in a fractured form. Now the story continues with the second book in this trilogy by Chuck Wendig, Aftermath: Life Debt, out today from Del Rey. checked in with author Chuck Wendig over e-mail to find out what’s in store for the galaxy far, far away as Han Solo’s mission to help Chewbacca liberate his home planet of Kashyyyk runs into trouble.