Writing over at the official site, the grooviest man in Star Wars fandom James Floyd sits down with author Beth Revis and walks through Rebel Rising, the book which fills in many of the gaps in the Jyn Erso story.

Rogue One introduced Star Wars fans to a whole new team of heroes, some of whom were rebels before becoming rebels — and fans wanted to know more about these new characters. Now, Jyn Erso, the central heroine of Rogue One, has her story fully explored in Star Wars: Rebel Rising, a young adult novel by New York Times best-selling author Beth Revis. Released earlier this month from Disney-Lucasfilm Press, Rebel Rising shows the reader how Jyn Erso became the person she was in Rogue One as it covers the years from when she left Lah’mu with Saw Gerrera to when she is rescued from the Imperial labor camp on Wobani. While the movie hinted at her history, Revis has taken those clues and has crafted a tale that builds up Jyn from child to adult, through the twists and turns of her life. Think you have a feel for her character just from her history with her parents and Saw? Guess again!