Jennifer Heddle takes a none-more-relevant look back at the original and nostalgia-packed novelizations of A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

This past month has seen the anniversaries of the releases of all six Star Wars films so far. The nostalgia hit me hard for the anniversaries of the original trilogy films, as I am (cough, just barely) old enough to have seen them in the theater when they were first released. So it got me thinking about my experiences seeing those films for the first time. And that in turn got me thinking about the novelizations.

Growing up as a kid who loved Star Wars (and entertainment in general) wasn’t so easy in the 70s and 80s. Once you saw a movie, that was it. It wasn’t available to be in your home or on your computer a few months later. (Not that our computers would even have been capable of such a thing!) You had to be content with re-living the movie in your memory – or through comics, storybooks, and novelizations.