Official Blog: Marvel’s Star Wars Comics: More Than Just a Big Green Rabbit

Lucas Books Senior Editor Jen Heddle spoils us in the best way with this nostalgic look back at the Mighty Age of Marvel Comics, almost a decade that Star Wars spent with the House of Ideas from 1977 through to 1986.

First generation fans like myself regularly wax nostalgic about the Marvel series as oftentimes they were the only new Star Wars material available apart from our imaginations as we played with the Palitoy/Kenner action figures or wrote our own fictional stories.

There were great original characters, too. The Marvel comics gave us Fenn Shysa, a legitimate rival for poor frozen Han’s affections, and our first hint that Boba Fett was not the only one who wore that cool armor. There was Shira Brie, the spirited redhead in the Rebel Alliance who shared a bond with Luke but turned out to be an Imperial spy, and then resurfaced later as the vengeful Lumiya (who resurfaced again, even later, in the Legacy of the Force book series). There were the Nagai, truly chilling villains, an alien race that provided an opportunity to examine what it means to be human.

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