Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart continue their look at the ‘cut scenes’ from 2012’s The Essential Guide to Warfare as they look at the pivotal technology of cloning over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

Jason Fry: Many species have experimented with cloning, which has long been a routine part of galactic civilization’s medical science. For instance, vat-grown clone tissue and organs allow medical droids to treat serious injuries and diseases without fear that their patients will reject the new tissue.

But there has long been the temptation to use cloning to create what are effectively organic droids. Clones have been created to work in dangerous conditions, with their bodies altered to better survive exposure to corrosive atmospheres, radiation or extremes of pressure or gravity. They have been bred to serve as miners and deep-water divers, to live miserable lives as subjects of medical experiments, and to amuse the decadent as gladiators. And for millennia they have been created to fight wars.