The Official Site talks to Joe Corroney about next months book release entitled Star Wars: Rebel Files, in which Corroney helped illustrate the text written by author Dan Wallace.

Corroney is a good friend of Jedi News and his work is instantly recognisable, from his ‘Unite!’ poster included in last year’s Star Wars Propaganda: A History Of Persuasive Art In The Galaxy, and the numerous prints he’s done for Disney Parks and at many Star Wars Celebration shows over the years.

“The book is written in-universe for Star Wars citizens and people of the galaxy, so I wanted to keep the artwork as faithful to interpretations of what we see in the film,” Corroney says.

“The little fanboy in me was like, ‘Wow, I’m getting to do the medical frigate!’ Even the rebel troop transport…I had that toy as a kid, the big white clamshell thing. As I’m drawing it and coloring it, I’m remembering all the times I played with my rebel troop transport. So that’s the world I kind of live and work in on an everyday basis. I’m getting to draw and paint Star Wars ships that I played with as a kid. This is crazy.”

For a greater insight into the book take the link belowStar Wars: Rebel Files deluxe edition, $99.99, is set for release Nov. 14. You can see more of Corroney’s work at