New Chapter 2 Excerpt From ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’ Novel

Head on over to USA Today for an exclusive look at an excerpt from Chapter 2 of author Timothy Zahn’s upcoming Star Wars: Thrawn novel from Del Rey which is scheduled to arrive on April 11. The excerpt reveals a very interesting plot detail, so take the provided source link for the read.

We saw our first blurb for this new release back in January.

Amazon pre-order links for the novel are also included at the bottom of this post.

While [Timothy] Zahn’s original Thrawn Trilogy — which began with 1991’s Heir to the Empire — took place after the Return of the Jedi film, the new book is set in the years leading up to the original 1977 Star Wars movie when the Empire is dealing with the growing Rebellion. Thrawn chronicles its title character’s rise to power within the Imperial Navy, from his arrival in space to his “unprecedented promotion” to grand admiral, Zahn says. “I get to show how he’s treated by his fellow officers and shipmates on his way up the military ladder, particularly when he’s not in a command position over them.”

The exclusive excerpt below is near the beginning of the book when Thrawn has made contact with an Imperial warship, whose captain has seen potential in this blue-skinned, red-eyed Chiss soldier and decided to bring him to the capital world of Coruscant. Thrawn and the ruthless Emperor are at a pivotal meeting with Captain Parck, “the commander who has possibly put his career at risk with his bold initiative,” as well as Eli Vanto, “a young cadet who’s heard stories about these mysterious people and whose knowledge of Thrawn’s language has put him in a unique position,” says Zahn.

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