Get ready to learn more about the casino world of Canto Bight and all of its interesting and opulent inhabitants from The Last Jedi as Del Rey has announced the upcoming release of a new novel titled Star Wars Canto Bight.

The novel will be part of the Journey to The Last Jedi publishing program and is sure to be quite a unique read, something we haven’t seen featured in the Star Wars universe before.

Star Wars Canto Bight will be making its way to newsstands in December and Entertainment Weekly gives us a brief overview of the new title.

“It’s a city filled with opportunity. There are very high stakes in this city,” Siglain says. “You’re going to follow four different aliens who will lead you through some of the gambling parlors and the racetracks and, you know, just this beautiful, lush city that’s as far from the Episode IV cantina as you can get. This is Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for Star Wars. But looks can certainly be deceiving, and you know, everything isn’t always as beautiful as it seems.”

The writers, editors and Lucasfilm story group went through images of the creatures from Neal Scanlan’s creature shop for The Last Jedi and picked curious beings they thought might have interesting stories to tell.

“The effects team had a lot of ideas about the characters that they were creating, even just some of the background aliens. ‘I think this is his backstory or this is her backstory.’ And we’ve been able to take those and run with them. We looked at this as Casablanca and Rick’s Café.”