Marvel Comics – 10 Awesome Covers

Pablo Hidalgo has posted a list of 10 of his favourite Marvel Comics covers over on the official site:

Ah, the good old days — when a few bucks would buy you a week’s worth of reading, a Slurpee and you’d still have change to spare. It was back when a generation of Star Wars fans, eager for a monthly taste of space fantasy, would journey to a corner convenience store to get their four-color adventure — dedicated comic book stores weren’t the standard outlet back then. No bags and boards for us, thanks, since we’re reading our comics on the way home. What follows is by no means a list of the best covers that graced the Marvel Star Wars issues of yesteryear — attempting to rank that much awesomeness would be folly. Instead consider this a guided tour of ten favorites — undoubtedly the first of several — and why they deserve a second look.

Follow the link to check out all 10 covers and once you’ve seen them all, discuss Pablo’s choices in the forums and let us know your top 10…
Adam Lamping
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