Kieron Gillen To Leave Star Wars From Marvel Comics At Issue 67

Kieron Gillen has announced that his time in the writers chair for Star Wars from Marvel Comics is coming to an end.

I have three issues left to write in THE SCOURGING OF SHU-TORUN. That’s issue 67, the end of my story, and I’ll be off. No present plans to write anything else in Star Wars – I suspect I’ve said all I’ve wanted to about these characters in comics. At least in this period, anyway.

After much success with Darth Vader in 2015, introducing us to fan favourite, Doctor Aphra, and then penning a series for the Doctor herself, Gillen moved on to the main title at issue 38. He has given us some brilliant and very diverse new characters, worlds and galactic events in this time.

As for who takes over, this is yet to be announced, but with the stock of Charles Soule being so high with Star Wars fans currently, I think there is only one choice.

Team Jedi News would like to say a heartfelt thank you and wish Kieron all the very best with his new projects in the future.