Judge Dredd Megazine: Adventures In The Screen Trade: Glyn Dillon Interview

The latest prog of the Judge Dredd Megazine, issue 378, has an interview with artist Glyn Dillon, brother of the late Steve Dillon. Glyn was a concept artist on The Force Awakens and is co-costume designer alongside David Crossman on next months Rogue One.


Head to your local newsagent to grab a copy and have a read about Glyn’s career and Star wars experiences, including work on the forthcoming Han Solo standalone which gets in front of cameras in February 2017.


From a three page Future Shock published when he was just seventeen via Deadline and DC Vertigo to crafting the award-winning 2012 graphic novel The Nao of Brown and becoming concept designer on Star Wars, Glyn Dillon’s career has gone beyond comics. In this interview conducted four months before the untimely death of his older brother Steve, he reveals how he moved from comics to movies and back again…

SOURCEJudge Dredd Megazine
Matt Booker
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