October 2013: Star Wars Insider #144: Hondo Ohnaka’s Not So Big Score

Hondo Ohnaka’s Not-So-Big Score is a little treat for Insider readers that has no tie in to any novel, as Insider usually does with their short stories. It stars Clone Wars favorite Hondo and may be one of the last hurrahs as Clone Wars has come to an end, though an older Hondo in the upcoming series Rebels is certainly a possibility.


The timeline is very uncertain as the Clone Wars is not mentioned at all, but with the Trade Federation mentioned, it’s either present or pre-Clone Wars. Hondo displays his usual comedic charm and his pirates are bumbling and could not get along without him. Hondo’s goal is to infiltrate a rich spaceliner and hold rich travelers prisoner, in order to get a big ransom. Hondo relishes the role of a wealthy being, and meets his table, of potential victims. However, Hondo quickly realized that there is a reason that he is a pirate and not a legitimate patron of wealth, as he meets the worst of the worst of the upper class, a spoiled brat, condescending big whigs and rude and uncouth pets that constantly irritate him, going so far as to eat his comlink! He’s better off just plundering!

Hondo’s frustration is hilarious, as he must use his wits to convince these bluebloods that he is who he says he is. His plan goes off with a hitch, and then in the end, Hondo doesn’t care. It’s like the opposite of Stockholm Syndrome, these people just aren’t worth even kidnapping!

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