Short Story Review: Blade Squadron Parts 1 and 2

May/June 2014 (Issue 149), July 2014 (Issue 150): Star Wars Insider #149 and #150: Blade Squadron Parts One and Two

Blade Squadron is technically the first piece of the new EU canon, and it is fitting that it is a story of valor, bravery, and ship to ship combat, because that truly is where the heart of Star Wars lies.

This story introduces us to Gina Moonsong, a female Luke Skywalker if you will; a brash and talented young female pilot who is determined to make a name for herself.

Moonsong is a B-wing pilot, the pilot of a ship that is quite different from the more popular X- wing, and the story takes place on the eve of destiny- the battle above the second Death Star.

Part 1 builds up the characters, and the romantic tension between Moonsong and fellow pilot Stramm. Part 2 is all about action, as Moonsong and her wingmates must participate in the Battle of Endor, specifically an assault on the Star Destroyer Devastator, the same ship that captured Princess Leia’s ship and our imaginations in the opening scene of the Original Star Wars movie.

The dogfight was interesting, as the ships worked differently than X-Wings, and oftentimes the pilots used trickery and intricate moves to execute their kills. We are introduced to a new, vicious Imperial pilot Gradd, who is said in the narrative to be almost as good a pilot as Darth Vader.

The best part about the story is the perfectly crafted, interwoven narrative between this story and the larger, more familiar story of Return of the Jedi. This is the perfect missing puzzle piece to that battle sequence above the second Death Star, and coupled with an ambiguous ending; it is a great first inclusion to the new canon.

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Max Nocerino
Max writes reviews on both canon and non-canon comic books and also reviews the short stories in Star Wars Insider. He has interviewed such authors such as Kevin Hearne and Jason Fry.