Jedi News Makes Headlines Around The World This Week

Jedi News reports the headlines from all over the world, but this week we have been making headlines of our own.

In early November our very own James Burns was contacted by The Wall Street Journal whilst visiting Rancho Obi-Wan for their annual gala. Being contacted by the press is a regular occurrence, so James didn’t think anything of the request, but he was somewhat bemused when the reporter told him they wanted to write a story about him and Jedi News. This was also somewhat amusing, since his host at the time, Steve Sansweet, used to write for the publication in his previous life as a journalist. The conversation continued over the next few weeks, and led to JN’s US News Editor, Justin LaSalata, being interviewed as well.

The culmination of these conversations was a front page story on Wednesday 13th December to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The article talks about some of the scoops Jedi News has been involved in, such as revealing the secret location of the Millennium Falcon in June this year, as well as some of the methods used. Read some of the article here (it’s behind a pay wall).

This was picked up by numerous other outlets including the BBC, for whom James has been a regular contributor. In addition, The Times contacted James on Thursday, and ran their own article on Jedi News in yesterday’s paper (Saturday 16th December). Read some of the article here (again, it’s behind a pay wall).

James is currently on his way to Sky News to appear live at 9:45 this morning to talk more about the headlines Jedi News has been making this week, and more importantly, about Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Jedi News has had a fantastic year, and this down to the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication of current and past team members, and we continue to be grateful for their time, help & support.