Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1


We all know why we picked up this comic. When The Force Awakens was slowly being leaked out piece by piece, we soon learned that our favourite protocol droid was sporting a new red arm. The question is: how the hell did he get it? The movie doesn’t give us an explanation so it’s only traditionally fitting that a comic story would fill in the blanks. Now onto the comic itself…

The Review

First off, I don’t like C-3PO translating what the other droids are saying by paraphrasing everything that they say. It feels forced and not like a real conversation. Why would 3PO translate if he’s the only one talking to them? Subtitles or having the droids “talk” from 3PO’s point of view would be much better. This problem is also heavily showcased in the Star Wars Rebels episode The Forgotten Droid, and it really gets on my nerves. This problem is somewhat solved later on, as some of the droids can speak Basic.

The story’s mission objective is very nebulous. 3PO and 6 other droids find themselves stranded on an alien world, and they encounter obstacles that thin the herd (meaning the other droids are destroyed). In their company is Omri, a protocol droid that the others “captured” from the First Order; who also knows the location of a captive Admiral Ackbar. Omri is an interesting character, as he questions what it is to be sentient, and remarks that memory wipes destroy a droid’s identity. 3PO has vague recollections of the events of the prequel trilogy, despite the fact that Bail Organa had his memory wiped. This is very interesting, as it shows that technology and science don’t always get the job done. Something preserved those memories (*cough cough* The Force).

As for the story, it’s very straightforward and mirrors that of The Forgotten Droid episode from Star Wars Rebels. Omri remarks that they could’ve once been on the same side, and that are no sides. He is very philosophical for a droid, and sacrifices his life, in order to make sure 3PO survives. He takes the full brunt of an acid rain (the rain actually being acid) and one of his arms turns red from (rust?) and 3PO uses it for a replacement, as he lost his arm to a creature. Speaking of creatures; one of the most terrifying moments was when the droids encountered a swarm of spice spiders. As an archnaphobic, I would never be able to get through that walk.

All in all, this was a nice little story that shows what it is to be alive, and gives a great perspective from a droid’s point of view. The beginning was a little confusing, and the details of the actual mission are, as I said, nebulous. I give this comic 3 ½ out of 5 Death Stars.

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Max Nocerino
Max writes reviews on both canon and non-canon comic books and also reviews the short stories in Star Wars Insider. He has interviewed such authors such as Kevin Hearne and Jason Fry.