Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Omnibus: KOTOR Volume 1

It is a time of upheaval for the galaxy. The Mandalorian Wars have strained the Old Republic’s resources to the breaking point.

With so many forces at the front, systems in the Outer Rim teeter on the edge of lawlessness—even the city-world of Taris, once a thriving commercial center. Here, as elsewhere, the Republic relies increasingly on Jedi Knights and their students to help maintain order.

But some Knights, frustrated with the conduct of the wars, argue for a more active Jedi role, appealing to others for support, even those Jedi—and their untried students—who are struggling to help maintain order at home…

The Review

Back when Dark Horse decided to return to the Old Republic era with this series set 3,964 BBY before Yavin and 8 years before the first KOTOR video game fandom was at once interested and wary. After all, both KOTOR games had been blinding successes and now Dark Horse were venturing into the past with this series and way out into the future with sister title Legacy. But while Legacy charted the unknown of the future 140 years after Return of the Jedi in exciting new ways, Knights of the Old Republic delighted readers with old-school character interraction, consistent artwork, cliffhangar plots and all manner of twists and turns. As much as any series in the last decade, Knights of the Old Republic had the fans right behind it.

Focusing on young padawan Zayne Carrick, the series blasted off with the clumsy but kind-hearted Jedi as he is framed for murder by his own masters. In true A-Team style, framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he heads off into the galaxy to clear his name, riding shotgun alongside Snivvian smuggler Marn “Gryph” Hierogryph and in no time he is in deep, deep trouble. Watching young Carrick learn the roipes of the underworld and the kind of dives Hierogryph inhabits is fun and soon we feel as much a part of the team as fellow reprobates Jarael, the old mechanic Camper, the droid Elbee and Mandalorian soldier Rohlan Dyre.

By the end of this first Knights of the Old Republic and the 18th issue of the series ‘Nights of Anger, Part 3’ we’re fully invested in the story, the setting and the characters as Zayne encounters Exogorths, his accuser Lucian Dray, finds out more about Camper and Jarael and most importantly plenty about himself. A rip-roaring series, this first Omnibus is the perfect introduction to new readers and guaranteed it’ll leave you wanting more.

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Mark Newbold
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