Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Legacy #17

Imperial Knight Jao Assam was taken from Imperial custody —rescued or kidnapped, depending on your point of view—by the Sith Darth Wredd and spirited to the desolate floating planet that Wredd calls home. While alone, Jao was able to send coordinates to Ania Solo’s comm droid for help.

At the request of Empress Fel, Ania, Sauk, AG-37, and a squad of stormtroopers are on a mission to rescue Jao—but completely off the record as, politically, the Empress cannot be involved after having sentenced Jao to death.

Having received Jao’s transmission, they’ve arrived at the coordinates and are surprised by what lies before them.

The Review

With only one more issue to go, Legacy #17 kicks off the chaos as Ania and her task force track down the rogue Sith Darth Wredd. They travel to the planet he’s hiding on in order to rescue Imperial Knight Jao Assam, but the rescue because a full on battlefield as a legion of Sith get involved. Can Ania, Sauk, AG-37 and Jao survive?

The cover tips the hand of this issue by showing off a bunch of Sith. When Ania and company arriving on the planet to find Jao, they get ambushed by a couple hundred Sith acolytes who are all after Darth Wredd. Going by the artist’s panels, it’s hard to say exactly how many Sith show up, but it’s enough to cover the landscape in red lightsabers. I have to admit, it seems overkill for just taking out one person, but it does provide some fun visuals reminiscent of the arena scene in Attack of the Clones when all the Jedi show up.

There’s a lot of action as the main characters fend off against an entire army of Sith and still, somehow, manage to stay alive. Yet the action doesn’t wipe out the rest of the story, as the writers squeeze in some character and plot building. Jao and Wredd become closer in this issue, though Jao still proclaims himself to be an Imperial Knight and completely opposed to Wredd. We also get to see a little bit of the overall plot play out between the Imperial Knights, Empress Fel, Wredd, and the hidden Sith. Sadly, as cool as this issue could have been, there’s some flaws that kind of hurt it.

For starters, the artwork leaves a lot to be desired. It’s okay, but the heavy shading and loose detail takes its toll on the panels making the images less refined and somewhat murky. Overall, it’s not bad, it’s just not as good as it could be when comparing the artwork to earlier issues in the series, and consequently, different artists. I really think the series should have ended with Gabriel Hardman handling the artwork. It would have been a much better send off.

Secondly, the plot plays a little fast and loose, primarily with the massive army of Sith. It doesn’t make sense for every Sith that was in hiding to come out and attack Wredd with one unified force. It’s also overly convenient in that this will allow the good guys to wipe this problem out in one stroke. From a different angle, the legion of Sith should ensure that Ania and her friends get wiped out. There’s no way she could beat 500 lightsaber wielding, Force skilled warriors with a dozen stormtroopers and her handful of friends, even with help parachuting out of the sky. The art shows them shooting at this onrushing wall of lightsabers, though none of those shots are redirected back at the firers, and actually engaging in combat with the first ranks, yet somehow magically able to disengage and retreat without anyone thinking to use the Force for a shove or to trip someone. Seriously, they should have been slaughtered, at the liberties with the situation makes it hard to suspend that sense of belief. It’s pretty easy to be taken out of the story.

Legacy will come to an end next month, and there’s a good chance will never see Ania Solo again. It will be a sad farewell as I’ve enjoyed the series a lot. While issue #17 is the strongest we’ve seen in the series, it’s still fun and enjoyable. Legacy #18 will wrap up Wredd’s ongoing story arc and will bring about some kind of fate for the Sith. Hopefully the writers still have some surprises left up their sleeves as it would be nice to see this end with a bang. As is, I give Legacy #17 a three and half out of five. It’s good, but falls just a little short of great.

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