Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Legacy #13

With a bounty on Ania Solo’s head for the murder of an Imperial Knight, an old flame from her past, Ramid, captured her. She was unable to convince him of her innocence.

Although Ania’s friends Sauk, Imperial Knight Jao, and droid AG-37 struggled to catch up with Ramid’s ship, they themselves were not certain of Ania’s innocence. They delved into her past, trying to solve the mystery of the murder accusation. Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Imperial Knight Antares Draco swore vengeance for the fallen Knight.

When the pilot of Ramid’s ship was killed in a dogfight with another bounty hunter’s vessel, Ania took the controls, crash-landing on a nearby planet…

The Review

Legacy #13 is just plain fun. Ania gets a good amount of page time that shows off some familiar Solo humor and leads to some nice action. Splitting the issue up, there’s also some significant time spent with Sauk, Jao and AG-37 as they discuss the mess Ania has gotten herself into. While there’s no action in their story thread, it does help develop the characters and dive into a little philosophy. Add on some gorgeous artwork, and you’ve got a great issue.

Starting with the art, I really liked the opening of this issue. The panels start with some narrow shots focusing on the crashed ship, the feet of the approaching bounty hunter, and then a wide shot showing everything. Just like watching a movie, the panels direct the eye to certain visuals, but in this case, they’re conveying motion that isn’t there, drawing the reader into the story and into a fictional world. It helps that the coloring and detail of the artwork looks awesome.

That beautiful looking artwork continues as Ania blasts her way off the ship and past the bounty hunter. The pacing and focus of the panels is just right for the story. There’s a very western vibe to it that’s reminiscent of a Sergio Leone film and his scenic framing and iconic close-ups. Even when the scenery changes to space with Sauk, Jao and AG-37, the artwork continues to bring the story to life with the expressions of the characters faces. However, a lot of those scenes are carried by the dialog, but the visuals complement them well, adding that extra touch that makes them work.

There’s a brief interlude on Coruscant between Empress Fel and Jedi Knight Yalta Val before the story shifts back to Ania and the alien planet she’s on. Once again showcasing the amazing art in this issue, there’s a throwaway scene depicting a crumbling temple. It doesn’t really have a significance to the story, but it’s a treat for the eyes and adds to the character of the planet. Then the planet reveals a nasty little surprise that adds to the fun of the issue.

Witty dialog, bounty hunter chases, close calls, and bursts of action pepper Legacy #13 for some serious fun. Yet there’s a good balance of some character introspection delving into heavier topics as well. Sauk raises the issue of letting one’s past dominate their future, a lesson he himself is learning from. On the flip side, Jao is letting a vision of the future guide his present actions. AG-37, on the other hand, cautions letting past or future determine anything without knowing enough of the situation. There’s a lot more to their conversation, and it adds some nice depth to the issue.

Visually this issue is a treat, and with the witty and thought provoking dialog, it scores on all counts. Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman do a great job with the dialog and direction of the story, and with the help from the rest of the team, it makes for an enjoyable adventure. I look forward to where Legacy heads next.

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