It began as the heist of a lifetime…now it’s a fight to survive!

When Lando and Lobot took this gig, it seemed like an easy payday…

But with this conclusion, they will never be the same…

The Review

Concluding the second stand alone series under Marvel’s second run of Star Wars comics, Lando #5 re-defined the relationship of Lando Calrissian and his aide Lobot.

Soule expertly wrote the character of Lando we know from The Empire Strikes Back, but perhaps if I am being harsh falls short of taking the character beyond that portrayal.  Infact Soule’s writing is perhaps best emphasised in the growth of Lobot throughout the series to significant prominance by the end.

Soule also threw in a few swerve balls into the narrative, and takes an interesting delve into Lando’s gambling philosophy in life, which does draw you in as a reader.  This creates an intriguing if not compelling story, and left me yearning for just a little bit more character depth.

Maleev’s art is special.  His intense attention to detail makes you feel like you are looking at Billy Dee Williams in every panel.  This adds dramatically to the believability of the story being told as you instantly have that familiar connect to the character.

Some people may find the sheer intensity of the detail in Maleev’s work distracting from the plot, as Lando loses the kinect energy and movement so often expressed in comic book art – leading to perhaps a lack of impact to the reader.

Paul Mounts perhaps alleviates some of the lack of impact in the panels, by introducing an incredibly strong pallete of colours that tells it’s own journey through the comic.

This comic series linked Lando and Lobot to The Empire Strikes Back, but falls short of telling the full story.  We are left wanting a little bit more, and that is by no means a good thing.  Let’s just hope that the next time we join Lando on an adventure, that there is a little bit more punch to the tale.

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