io9: How Wookieepedia Tackles Chronicling The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

The galaxy changed soon after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney when the previously decades old era of the Expanded Universe was shifted sideways into Legends, to make way for the canon era. One of the organisations immediately affected by this change was Wookieepedia, and this article over at io9 takes a look at that split and how the online encyclopedia dealt with it.

io9: When all of our precious Expanded Universe was decanonized, how did you decide what to do with all that information on Wookieepedia?

Mike Delaney: Basically the decision was made, fairly early on, that the information wouldn’t be lost, that it wouldn’t be removed. Some advocated that if it was going to be decanonized, it wouldn’t have a place on the wiki. That was a minority opinion. The majority of us on the site always felt that no matter what, the information should be retained in some way. It was just figuring out how that information would be displayed and kept on the site alongside the new canon information that would be brought out by Lucasfilm.

Brandon Rhea: And that was something that tracked exactly with what Lucasfilm was doing anyway. They called it “Legends” for a reason. They said these stories are still around and could still be pulled from. So Wookieepedia kind of adopted the same approach.

It’s a super read and taught me a fascinating concept – emotional continuity. Want to know what that is? Click here and read the full article.

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