Inside ‘Star Wars Adventures’, IDW’s Charming New ‘Star Wars’ Comic

Dazzling Dan Brooks writing over at the official site sits down with two of the authors of the new IDW Star Wars Adventures title Derek Charm and Cavan Scott, to discuss the comic, it’s goals and what we can expect as it progresses.

It had us at “adventures.” Ever since the series was announced at Celebration Orlando 2017, IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures comic has been eagerly awaited by fans. With a beautiful 2D-cartoon-on-paper art style and saga-spanning all-ages stories, the title looked like pure Star Wars fun and something that readers of any age could enjoy. Star Wars Adventures #1, by writer Cavan Scott and artist Derek Charm, arrives today, and it’s everything we hoped for — an energetic tale starring Rey, completely charming and exciting, but not without real insight into her character. (And there’s a backup Obi-Wan tale, to boot.) e-mailed with Scott and Charm to discuss their initial impressions of Rey in The Force Awakens, crafting their story, and kicking off a series that might be a young reader’s first step into a larger world. Or worlds.