Inside Marvel: Darth Vader

Check out the ABC News ‘Inside Marvel: Darth Vader’ Facebook live video hosted by Michael Rothman with guests including Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin, Marvel editor Jordan White and comic writer Kieron Gillen. The panel discuss Darth Vader #4, look ahead to Star Wars #38 and jokingly try to squeeze any exclusive info out of Matt.
Spoiler alert: they fail.
If you’re not reading the current Star Wars run then issue 38 will be a great jumping on point.

“The first story arc, Gillen says, will have Luke, Leia and Han landing on Jedha.

“We basically get a ‘Rogue One-Star Wars’ intersection,” Gillen said, “because I really just want to see Luke respond to discovering people like Jyn, discovering the people who led to him being able to take a shot at the Death Star.”

“Luke is desperately seeking the Force and of course it’s one of the holiest cities in the universe, and it’s been blown up,” he added. “The key image is Luke standing in the hole where the Death Star blew it.”

Paul McQue
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