An Exclusive Look at Making of Solo: A Star Wars Story Book with io9

To celebrate the release of the book Making of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Industrial Light & Magic’s Rob Bredow, io9 has an exclusive look at four all-new photos* — the one above features Joonas Suotamo portraying Chewbacca and Warwick Davis as Weazel during a brief moment of relaxation on Savareen.

The story behind how Solo came to life is…well, a lot more intriguing than Lucasfilm would want it to be. And while Abrams Books’ latest Star Wars “making of” release may not have the full story you’d perhaps want to hear about Solo specifically, its plethora of behind-the-scenes images paint an intimate picture nonetheless.

Written by ILM visual effects supervisor and co-producer Rob Bredow, and featuring a foreword from Solo director Ron Howard, Making Solo: A Star Wars Story offers an eyewitness account of how the latest spinoff film in the Star Wars franchise was brought to life.

From pre-production concept art, to behind-the-scenes photos from filming, and eventually insight into how ILM’s post-production work helped bring the galaxy far, far away to life once again, Making Solo offers a glimpse into what went into bringing this pivotal chapter in the life of one of Star Wars’ most beloved heroes to the big screen.

Take the link below for a closer look at the images. Making of Solo: A Star Wars Story is published by Abrams Books and is available from April 16th; it will also be on sale at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

*All Images: Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo, by Rob Bredow © Abrams Books, 2019