Gary Kurtz’s The Chimeran Comic Preview & TV Show Discussed

Bleeding Cool sat down with Paul Goodenough to talk about the upcoming trans-media project, The Chimeran from Star Wars alumni Gary Kurtz, based on an original concept of Richard Bazley, at this past weekends Birmingham International Comic Expo (ICE).

Here is a short extract of their piece, for the full interview take the source link at the foot of the article.

Olly MacNamee: In your presentation you got the ball rolling with an interesting TedTalk in which hybridity and cross-breeding – man playing at being gods – was presented. Clearly, The Chimeran is a sci-fi story, but it is fair to say it’s actually grounded in sic-fact?

Paul Goodenough: Absolutely. There’s a whole raft of hybrid work that has been happening for a number of years now, some of which is in the public eye, and those which are further away from the public eye too. We wanted to show you all what was happening now and what is happening now is that there are chimerans, animal hybrids, being born and raised and allowed to live for a certain amount of days across the world. The amount of life they get is decided by government law, which changes from country to country, ranging anywhere between 60 – 150 days. Then, they get slaughtered. All of the things we’ve based our story, our world on in The Chimeran is based on science fact or historical fact. However, if that hybrid is privately owned, as a pet, say, then this presents a real life loophole in this law. They don’t need to be put down.

SOURCEBleeding Cool
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